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Ackiss with a line drive to right  
Ackiss with a line drive to right in the Texas Roundup  
Jason Ackiss
With a decade of experience in beep baseball, Jason is one of the most versitile players in the game.  I have been playing beep baseball for 9 years. My goal for this year is to help the SA Jets become established as one of the dominant and respected teams that attend the World Series. I love beep baseball because it gives me a chance to compete at a high level with other talented and competitive blind/visually impaired players. When I am on the beep baseball field, everyone is in the same situation so individual talent and work ethic is what allows you to separate yourself from everyone else.

2012 Offensive All Tournament Defense
2010 World Series in Rochester, MN with Carolina Pride 32 At Bats 12 Runs 14 Strikeouts 5 Putouts
2011 World Series in Indianapolis, IN with Carolina Warriors 20 At Bats 6 Runs 6 Strikeouts 2 Putouts
2012 World Series in Ames, IA with Indy Thunder 36 At Bats 22 Runs 3 Strikeouts 36 Putouts
2013 World Series in Columbus, GA with Carolina Warriors 23 At Bats 11 Runs 2 Strikeouts 16 Putouts
2014 World Series in Rochester, MN with Carolina Warriors 34 At Bats 15 Runs 6 Strikeouts 28 Putouts